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The Lament of a Used Gamer

Once upon a time, I sat on the edge of my seat watching TV commercials for Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts. I squealed with glee as the music and characters danced across the screen. As I waited for the games, I enjoyed reading any news I could get in my subscription of Electronic Gaming Monthly (is that still going?) and scrolled through DeviantArt for fan art.

Such was the excitement of yesteryear, because I have turned into a used gamer.

What can I say? I grew up. Bills have to be paid, groceries have to get bought and I have a full-time job. Time is not on my side when it comes to my video game hobby.

I dropped out of gaming during most of college, distracted by college and work. By the time the Playstation 4 was released, I hadn’t even touched a Playstation 3. Maybe I would have been better off skipping the PS3 altogether, but I couldn’t do it. I play games like I read books: in order. I wanted to know what all the hype with Assassin’s Creed was about and I wanted to play every Final Fantasy game I could get my hand on, regardless of reviews. There were even handheld Kingdom Hearts games re-released for the PS3. I HAD to play them all.

For the most part, life as a used gamer has been pretty easy. I kept entertaining the idea of buying a PS4, but never saw many games I was interested in. Sure, there were a few Assassin’s Creed games, but I had plenty to play through on the PS3 first. I was happy.

Then Final Fantasy XV was released.

I felt that old excitement rise up in me with each commercial. I wanted this game. I wanted to play it the day it was released and to discuss all the ins and outs with other fans of the game.

Do you know how much it it would cost to buy a PS4 and FFXV? Even if I buy both used, it’s more than $200. Now, I’ve spent $200 on worse items. Hell, I can remember a few in the past year or two. But I’ve learned my lesson. $200 is nothing to throw around. It’s a week or two’s worth of groceries, a monthly student loan payment, a car payment. Then there’s the fact that I will likely have a wedding to pay for in a year or two (if I don’t elope because weddings are stupid expensive) and would like to buy a house in the next 2 – 3 years.

There will be no Final Fantasy XV for me in the near future. I like my gaming hobby, but I’m keeping to my old and used games until my financial situation changes.

How much longer will it really be until a Playstation 5 is released?

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I Want to Live Like Temperance Brennan

I mostly just read and listen to jazz.

I’ve been watching the first season of Bones on Netflix and have become re-enamored with Temperance. I love that woman. On many occasions, I feel like that woman. I rarely pick up on metaphors or sarcasm and can be brutally honest when it comes to fact.

I mean, a fact is a fact, right? I’m not going sugar coat it or try to bend it to fit an agenda. Then it’s little more than a lie. Facts just are. At least, they are to me.

With my infatuation growing, I watched an episode where Bones and Booth are at her home. She makes a comment about what she does in her leisure time. Something  like, “I mostly just read and listen to jazz.”

That’s the best definition of a perfect life I’ve ever heard.

I doubt I’ll get more books read, despite my best efforts, but I can surely fill my work week with great jazz playlist on Spotify.

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