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Journey to Planner Peace – Y2:M1

How many years does it take to reach planner peace? The world may never know, but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to try! 2017 marks my second year being fully immersed in planner culture. I started with a Passion Planner last year, which had its pros and cons. This year, I may have gone a little crazy, investing a lot of time and money into the creation of my own, custom planner.

I had a number of lofty goals for my 2017 planner. I wanted to be able to see all 24 hours of the day for each day. I wanted to be able to track my food intake, my mood and the weather, to see if there was any correlation between the three. I wanted to track chores and spending, to get more done and spend less money.

I did all that, for like a week. Then, life got busy and some of those sections suffered.

One month isn’t enough time to declare something a success or failure. Frankly, I might just be lazy. I’m going to double down on all those sections in February. After all I’ve invested in this planner, I’ll be damned if I’ll let myself use only half of it.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned on my path to planner peace this month is that it won’t be short. It will take years. I really don’t think there’s a way to know what parts of a planner will and won’t work for you until you’ve used it for a long period of time.

The second lesson I’ve learned is that you can’t beat yourself up over planner choices. In the great vastness of the internet, someone is using stickers more efficiently than you. Someone has a better planner than you. Perhaps there is even a person out there who has achieved planner peace. But today, my planner is all about the journey.

One month in, I am actually very happy with my planner of choice. Given all the things I wanted to track, this result was inevitable. To improve upon my planner usage in 2018, I’m thinking I need something more customizable day-to-day. Something that will allow me to track 24 hours one day,but not look awkward if I only need to track 6 hours another day. Something that allows me to track different things day to day with relative ease.

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