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I Want to Live Like Temperance Brennan

I mostly just read and listen to jazz.

I’ve been watching the first season of Bones on Netflix and have become re-enamored with Temperance. I love that woman. On many occasions, I feel like that woman. I rarely pick up on metaphors or sarcasm and can be brutally honest when it comes to fact.

I mean, a fact is a fact, right? I’m not going sugar coat it or try to bend it to fit an agenda. Then it’s little more than a lie. Facts just are. At least, they are to me.

With my infatuation growing, I watched an episode where Bones and Booth are at her home. She makes a comment about what she does in her leisure time. Something  like, “I mostly just read and listen to jazz.”

That’s the best definition of a perfect life I’ve ever heard.

I doubt I’ll get more books read, despite my best efforts, but I can surely fill my work week with great jazz playlist on Spotify.

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